International students Please leave the search for rental apartments around Kyoto University to us.
We are certified by Kyoto University as a foreign student designated company,
and we will help Kyoto University students find a room.

F-support rent security system
by Flat Agency corporation

Details of our survice
If you are one of the foreign researchers or teachers belonging to the Kyoto University, and when you want to make the rent lease contract, you can receive the joint liability on guarantee service which is called F-support from Flat Agency. However, the apartment that you rent should only come from Flat Agency itself, rather than other real estate agent, or else, you may not have this opportunity to utilize the service.

※Monthly payment means to the total amount of the house rent money, and the monthly fee for common areas of an apartment building.

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We support Kyoto University students in finding a room.

Our office

Our office is very close to Kyoto University. Many students from Kyoto University, Kyoto University of Arts, and Kyoto Design College visit our shop. We have multilingual staff, so international students and foreign nationals Please feel free to visit us.

Flat Agency incorporated corporation,
Sakyo store

Address: 3-6 yoshida ushinomiyacho, sakyoku, Kyoto
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